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From the desk of: Maulana T
Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Do you ever wonder how SEO Gurus have tons of websites dominating in the search engines, cranking out money hand over fist, and they still have time to play golf?

Maybe you're like I was…

You've tried all of the gurus' software, bought their training courses, read their E-books, but still can't achieve results like they do. While you are wasting precious time hunting for one decent backlink, these gurus are moving on to dominate their next market.

I was sick of working so hard and wasting so much time for such little results. I knew there was something they weren't telling me, but I couldn't figure it out… until one day…


The Secret Revealed

It was two years ago that an SEO friend of mine sat down with me and shared their secret, and now I would like to share that with you.

He told me the formula for getting high rankings is 10% on-page optimization and 90% off-page optimization (building backlinks), and when building backlinks, it is more important to have 1 authority link than 1000 low quality links. So I asked him, "How do the gurus get these authority backlinks so quickly?" Then he told me what I had been waiting for. He said, "They own their own closely guarded, private, Authority Backlink Networks." That way they can build links to wherever they want whenever they want.


Tried And True Strategy

I have tested this strategy over and over on my sites, and it works every time. My SEO friend was right! Using private authority backlink networks was the secret that I was looking for.


So That Is Why I Have Created Authority Link Network

Authority Link Network is a high quality backlink network on steroids. I created this service so that you could have your own authority network, without all of the headaches and high costs. With Authority Link Network you can focus on your business, and quit wasting time searching and begging for links.


Our Members Provide Old Age, High PR, Trusted Authority Websites

Old Age Trusted Websites - sites average about 2-3 years in Age.

High Page Rank - All sites have page rank normally 1-6.

Link Popularity – All sites have diverse link portfolios.


We Developed Custom Software To Manage Content On The Network

Central User Interface – So you don’t have to worry about logging in to each blogs.

User Friendly – Project management and content posting is a simple process.

Time Saving – No need to post in hundreds of locations. Post all of your content in one area and we take care of the rest.

Project Statistics – Easily track how many posts are being built per project.


What To Expect From Using Authority Link Network

Increased Keyword Rankings – You control what anchor text you would like to use for every powerful post on Authority Link Network. By creating powerful links with the right anchor text, you can drive up your rankings in almost any niche. Most all our sites rank on the first or second page of Google for our targeted keywords.

Build Trust and Page Rank – By building links from trusted authority websites, your sites will become more trusted and your Page Rank will increase. When this happens your site's overall ranking will normally increase.

Improved Search Engine Indexing – By creating high quality backlinks to your website, your website will be spidered by search engines deeper, and your site's indexing will increase.

Regular Search Engine Spidering – Because we offer lots of quality unique content on our network, and our content is linked to and pinged regularly, the search engines are constantly visiting our websites. When they find your content with links to your sites, they then go spider your site.  By doing posting links on our sites regularly, your sites will be spidered and indexed more often.

Build Permanent Backlinks – Backlinks that are built on our sites are left there for good. This helps your rankings to stay consistent for a long period of time, and also helps you build trust with search engines.


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Please use an email address you check regularly so you can receive all information. Your details will be strictly protected and safe. It will never be sold or shared.


If you still need a little push in the right direction, read some of the fantastic feedback we have had so far:

If you are on the fence about joining ALN, don't be. This network is a key element of my SEO strategy and I was able to get a lot of sites to the top 10 in Google just by posting to ALN.

sb81, via

Just want to thank you Maulana. Using only ALN, I'm buying up EMD's using Go Daddy and Scrapebox and ranking on page 2-3 within 3-4 days. Got one domain ranking on page 1 with 22 million competing pages, and I only used ALN to rank it. TBS + ALN + Scrapebox + GoDaddy Auctions = WINNING.

mormuno01, via

I came across ALN three months ago and tested the waters with one PR2 site. Best SEO move I've made so far.

I just purchased my 6th domain today (PR4) and adding it to the system. I've seen terrific gains in a number of my keywords and not only did my money site move to a PR2 in the last update, but a number of my other pages jumped to PR1 or PR2 as well. And these are pages I only promoted through ALN.

ALN has been by far the best investment I've made in IM to date.

rainmark, via

Seriously.. ALN Kicks Ass.. It's getting me huge results! I've invested in an entire network of high PR blogs that I've added to ALN. I currently have about 17 of them in ALN, most of them are PR4 and PR3.

I use my credits every day, and my rankings and results are seriously untouchable. A large part of my links are coming from ALN. Seriously huge results with it when worked consistently and on a larger scale.

I'm almost thinking of renewing my rankbuilder sub to get double the credits.. at this point it's almost worth paying for RB just for the ALN credits.. I don't need RB anymore as Ive got those links covered with outsourcers and other software, but you really cant beat the ALN quality links. I just wanted to say, I'm getting awesome results with ALN!

ExploringInfinity, via

ALN works extremely well for inner pages of established sites after panda! I can achieve top 10 position for most of the "3 word keywords" with just 3 submission (that's 45 unique links over 3 days).

Instead of creating dozens of micro niche sites I can create a mega authority sites with plenty of high ranking inner pages. Life is now lot more easier. Thanks to Google Panda and ALN.

ALN Works well for SEO becasue: Lots of HIGH Pr sites, Site's owned by 1000's of different people with different "who is" data. (not hidden behind domain privacy), Sites hosted on 100's of unique IP's and name server (not on obvious SEO host/s which G can back-track), Lots of legitimate sites with existing traffic and monetization which G can trace. Single article goes to 15 sites only... which leaves almost no noticeable footprint. Overall, Well done!

lenvy, via

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Please use an email address you check regularly so you can receive all information. Your details will be strictly protected and safe. It will never be sold or shared.


Maulana T